SDG 13 - Climate Action

There is no country in the world that does not experience the severe effects of climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase and are now 50% higher than in 1990. Global warming seriously affects people's lives. We should not wait any longer to act.


In order to protect biodiversity, we model how species respond to global climate change. For this, we use global climate models and biodiversity informatics to produce distribution predictions. Our Department of Biology has graduate research programs focusing on this matter.

We digitize historical records in our own geography and create databases to understand the global impact of climate change on species. Regarding this issue we are doing partnerships with other public institutions in Turkey.

In their project titled “Climate-driven range shifts and demographic events over the history of Kruper’s Nuthatch Sitta krueperi”, our Department of Biology has presented the first ever documented evidence of an interglacial refugium during the last Interglacial for birds in Anatolia. This project is an example work to understand the effect of global warming on the geographic distribution of bird species.